The Best Place to Learn How to Surf in San Diego

Surfing is hard enough as it is.  Not only do you have to balance and turn on the board, you have to learn to position yourself, paddle correctly, drop in, and pop up on moving waves just to get to the riding part.  It’s like trying to snowboard on a moving mountain or skateboard on a moving street.  (Of course we strongly recommend surf lessons to make the process easier.)

But surfing in San Diego can be made that much harder by choosing the wrong place to go, and so much easier by choosing the best place to surf in San Diego.

We strongly recommend learning to surf in San Diego at La Jolla Shores.  Here’s why:

Every time we cruise by Mission Beach, Pacific Beach, and Ocean Beach, we watch beginner surfers struggling on the fast, close out waves.  In general the waves at these beaches all break in big sections, called “close out waves”.  This means the whole wave face crashes at once leading to steep drop ins and very little time and room to surf.where to surf san diego

A “close out wave”, found along most of San Diego’s coast, leads to steep drop ins and very little to surf.

At La Jolla Shores, the waves are, in general, much gentler, a bit smaller, and far easier to drop in and leave more room for the fun part: surfing!  We call these “peeling waves” or long board waves” and can make life so much easier for a beginning surfer.Learn more about learning to surf in San Diego at

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“Close Out” Mike Baird:Flickr:CreativeCommons

“Long Board Wave” SurfCRS:Flickr:CreativeCommons

Menehune Surf Team Try-outs are happening soon!

Our Menehune Surf Team is holding try-outs for our 2014 Season! 
The Surf Team Captain is Shane Kelly. He highly recommends Surf Team for any child or teen who surfs, or shows interest in surfing, “The service we provide will get kids hooked on surfing–and get them to progress to where they are
efficient at it. It’s definitely a confidence builder and keeps them active.” 
Shane also notes that, 
 “Everyone wants to surf in San Diego but it’s
really hard to get into unless your parents surf and have the time to teach
you, and on top of that , it can take years to really start to get down. The progress
we have made with the kids on the team and feedback we have gotten has reached far beyond competition. 
We have had several parents now thank us for helping
their kids not only really improve their surfing, but also just getting them
stoked to continue surfing and being active, social, and continue to enjoy the outdoors.” 
To Sign up for Menehune Surf Team try-outs please email 
or call us at (858) 663- 7299. 
Please include child’s name, parents name, and contact phone number.
Ages 9 and up only.

Surf Camps Begin Monday and Run Through August!!

Menehune Summer Surf Camps start next week and go through August! There’s still plenty of time to register!

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Great Snapshots from our Private Group Surf Lessons!

 We had a fantastic group of adult students join us for our private group surf instruction yesterday! Come let our certified instructors teach you the fundamentals of surfing where you receive the high quality attention you deserve and the professional instruction that you expect! At Menehune Surf, we welcome all ages, emphasize safety first, and always have fun! You will also learn some basic oceanography in the process, so you can feel confident in understanding wave forecasts and know the safest and best times to surf. 
We love to surf and are thrilled to share our passion with you!

Menehune Surf Sponsors the 2014 Menhune Surf Contest!

Menehune Surf School will be sponsoring the 2014 Menehune Surf Contest at La Jolla Shores for another year!

This contest is a favorite of ours because it’s fantastic for beginner and intermediate groms (surfer kids). The whitewash (after the wave has broke) is a great place for beginners to start in the contest. If you’re looking to advance in surfing, Menehune surf school offers lessons for all ages that will get everyone out of the whitewash and up on the waves.
Our Menehune Surf Team, the year round surf instruction program for kids of all levels, will be in the contest representing big time alongside all the friends they’ve made in the program.

The event is Saturday April 26th, and early bird registration ends on April 21st.  Hit us up if your grom would benefit from a private surfing lesson at La Jolla Shores to tune up before the contest.

Hope to see you there!

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Don’t miss out on the latest discounts and promotions! Right now we have 2 for 1 surf lessons! You and a friend or family member can learn to surf for the price of a single student surf lesson! Follow Us on Twitter to catch weekly deals and cool info about all that Menehune Surf has to offer!! 

Save Even More on Menuhune Surf Camps!!

Menehune Surf is offering more ways for you to save on summer surf camp registration!! Menehune surf camps offer the lowest prices in town with smaller group sizes, allowing instructors to create learning environments where kids receive more personalized attention. Kids also feel more comfortable being themselves, make new friends, and have FUN while mastering the art of surfing!

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101 Things To Do In San Diego: Learn to surf with Menehune Surf School!

Menehune Surf School is featured in 101 Things To Do In San Diego! Click the link below to check out the full article and redeem your 2 for 1 coupon!

Menehune Surf was started by school teachers and dedicated surfers in the San Diego area who wanted to provide children with the opportunity to learn how to surf in a safe, positive, and encouraging environment.  They focus on teaching children, families, and friends about the art and discipline of surfing while helping them connect with themselves, their peers, and the ocean.
Whether you’re a first timer or competitively minded, young or not so young, light-hearted or serious; Menehune Surf offers the complete surf instructional hierarchy.  From children’s day camps to advanced surf clinics, their highly skilled instructors are dedicated to providing safe, quality surf instruction that meets your needs.
Menehune’s staff is comprised of educators and surf professionals who share the common bond of friendship and surfing. They believe that laughter is the key to learning and that surfing keeps you happy, healthy, and stoked on life!
The goal of Menehune Surf is to educate and inspire while sharing their passion for surfing and love of the ocean!  They have the necessary resources, equipment, and talent to get you out there surfing!
Menehune Surf has evolved from offering traditional summertime surf camp programs, to a year-round surf school offering a diverse array of surf instruction from surf lessons for first time surfers, to professional surf clinics for advanced surfers.  For more information about Menehune Surf’s camps and lessons at La Jolla Shores and Del Mar

101 Things to Do -San Diego: Menehune Surf Coupon

Menehune Surf School Provides More than just Riding Waves

  Menehune Surf School provides some of the best guided surf instruction in all of San Diego. With one surf lesson, our students are standing up on their boards and catching waves!! Surf Lessons are provided for all ages, and anyone who wants to learn and experience the art of riding waves. 
  For the younger crowd, ages 5-17, we offer innovated surf instruction and ocean education in our Summer Surf Camps. Each camp is led by two experienced instructors, most of who are school teachers and coaches. Our camps are limited in size so that our instructors can create learning environments where kids receive more personalized attention, feel comfortable being themselves, and have fun while mastering the art of surfing!
  While we teach the physical aspect of surfing, we also help our students learn water safety, and a respect for our ocean and beaches. This is lifelong awareness that can serve many generations of surfers and beach-goers. At Menehune Surf, we wish to not only teach the fun, active sport of surfing, but gratitude and appreciation for the waters in which we learn.
                           Check out Menehune Surf’s Ocean Adventure Camp!!


Menehune Surf News!

Menehune Surf Camp Registration is On!!

Secure your child’s spot for summer during our early registration months and save an extra $28!

We’re as excited as ever for another great year of surf, sun, and summer camps. We’re extending lower prices to our families this year including early registration discounts. Prices increase at 5:00pm on March 31st.

Learn More about Surf Camps Here!

2014 Surf Camp will include a raffle for a chance to win 3
hours of Private Surf Lessons and a Menehune Surf Hoodie! (A $250 Value)