We provide all campers with a surfboard, and rashguard to use while at camp.

Each camper will also receive a free Menehune Surf t-shirt (choice of blue or white).

Things to Bring to Menehune Surf Programs:

-Plenty of waterproof sunscreen (spf 15 or higher)
-Beach towel
-Sweatshirt (in case a quick warm-up is needed)
-Snack (for a boost of energy)
-Full water bottle
-Sack lunch (for all day camp programs)
-Optional: rashguard (lifeguards require that all campers wear a Menehune Surf rash guard – which we provide – over their wetsuits to identify them as our students. If your camper would like to wear a rash guard under his/her wetsuit as well, you may bring one).

**Please note: In the past we have allowed campers to bring their own surfboard if desired. We are now finding it to be a liability, so we are asking that all campers use our surfboards during camp. Thank you for your understanding!