Menehune Surf School Provides More than just Riding Waves

  Menehune Surf School provides some of the best guided surf instruction in all of San Diego. With one surf lesson, our students are standing up on their boards and catching waves!! Surf Lessons are provided for all ages, and anyone who wants to learn and experience the art of riding waves. 
  For the younger crowd, ages 5-17, we offer innovated surf instruction and ocean education in our Summer Surf Camps. Each camp is led by two experienced instructors, most of who are school teachers and coaches. Our camps are limited in size so that our instructors can create learning environments where kids receive more personalized attention, feel comfortable being themselves, and have fun while mastering the art of surfing!
  While we teach the physical aspect of surfing, we also help our students learn water safety, and a respect for our ocean and beaches. This is lifelong awareness that can serve many generations of surfers and beach-goers. At Menehune Surf, we wish to not only teach the fun, active sport of surfing, but gratitude and appreciation for the waters in which we learn.
                           Check out Menehune Surf’s Ocean Adventure Camp!!